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DIY HACK – Transforming a Webcam into an Infrared Cam


Wow, here’s a cool little hacks for transforming a plain old webcam into a infrared cam.

[via] funhouse


DIY HACK – 120,000 Volt Van De Graaff Generator!


Cool, here’s an instructable that shows you how to zap stuff at 120,000 volts!

It’s Frankenstein time. Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of ozone and the snap of a big fat spark? The dome is rotating due to vibration Although a Van De Graff generator has recently been posted I decided to post mine based on it’s substantial differences.


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HowtoHut.com for HOWTOs and DIYs

Check out HowtoHut for some cool howtos and DIYs. I think they are new but I see some cool info so…

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Helio Ocean

Oh I need this phone

Meet Helio’s new ‘Ocean’ – it’s actually made by Pantech, a two-way slider with QWERTY. The battery is said to last 15 hours if listening to audio, with a talk-time batt life of 5.1 hours. Visually you get a 2.4-inch QVGA display (240 x 320, 260K colors). Other major features include 200MB of internal storage, microSD, a

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Wii HACK – Wiinja – Nintendo Wii Mod chip?

Check out this cool Wii mod chip that allows you to play backup DVD games on the Wii! At $51, not too shabby for a hack mod.

Unlock your Nintendo Wii. The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod Chip is the worlds very first Mod Chip for the Nintendo Wii console. Allowing you to run all Nintendo Wii and Gamecube DVD-R / DVD+R backup and import backup games. Full Support for Gamecube Homebrew software. Play any Wii or GC backup just like you would play an original gam

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DIY HACK – How to make Nitrogen laser at home

Check out this cool DIY on making nitrogen laser at home!

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DIY HACK – luscious electric delight (L.E.D.)

This is freakin’ awesome!

We started experimenting with “row/column scanning”. This term refers to how the columns of shared anodes(+) and rows of shared cathodes(-) in an LED matrix can be quickly turned on and off to control a single LED within the matrix. Because the number of LEDs with in a matrix will always be fewer than the total number of rows and columns, it is more efficient to quickly address the columns and rows than each individual LED. We first soldered a

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Cardboard finger tapping

Check out this cool cardboard finger tapping kit to waste away your precious breaks!

 For $7.99 you get a pre-cut and pre-creased hit that lets you make your own thing like hand, twist the arm at the side and watch it’s fingers do the walking (well tapping).

via coolest-gadgets

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DIY HACK – How to install Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive

Here’s a cool howto on installing your Ubuntu to a flash drive!

This’d be great for people like me since I can take Ubuntu with me everywhere.

via lifehacker

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reliance on GPS -> Mercedes Splash

Ouch! This woman sent her Mercedes into a river by trusting her GPS instead of common sense. Good thing I don’t use one myself. Although I love tech, sometimes I feel you lose all the fun when a machine tells you where to go. Best way for me? Learn by feel and getting lost…

So far, over-dependence on GPS devices has resulted in more inconvenience than actual danger, but things took a turn for the worse earlier this month

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