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Overclocked Nexus S vs. Overclocked G2 Phone!

What I have here is a 1Ghz Nexus S overclocked to 1.3Ghz and a 800Mhz G2 Phone overclocked to 1.516Ghz going head-to-head on battle to see who is the fastest phone with all the latest updates on the phones.

Who will win? Find out and play the video!

If you want to know how to overclock your Nexus S, head on over to my other site NexusSHacks.com and also for G2 Phone, check out G2Hacks.com.

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G2 Hacks – How to Install ROM Manager on G2 Phone!

After you root your G2 Phone, the next best thing you can do is to install ROM Manager so you can backup/restore/install new ROMs.

Here’s how to do it:

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T-Mobile G2 Phone Review!

So, I’ve been using the T-Mobile G2 Phone for almost 3 weeks now and I think I am very qualified to tell you how “good” this phone is.

First of all, this is the next generation Google Android smartphone.  Google’s very first Android smartphone was called the “G1 Phone” (or Google Phone) on T-Mobile.  This second generation T-Mobile G2 Phone repre

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T-Mobile G2 Phone Unboxing!

Well, I just received my unlocked T-Mobile G2 Phone I ordered last week on Amazon, here’s me unboxing the new G2 Phone, enjoy:

P.S. I really like the G2 Phone, it feels really “solid” in my hands and if you like Android stock UI, this is definitely a step up from the N

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T-Mobile G2 Phone – Only 800Mhz Processor?

T-Mobile has just confirmed that T-Mobile’s new G2 Phone will be coming with an 800Mhz Scorpion processor.  Now, we don’t know how fast that process “really” is until we test it with other 1Ghz Snapdragon/TI processor equipped phones like the Evo 4G and Droid X but certainly it’s a bit disappointing that we still haven’t broke the 1Ghz barrier.

Of course, CPU speed isn’t everything so we will keep our eye on it and you never know, it could outperform other 1Ghz processors so we will keep you wondering.

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G2 Phone Price Leaked!

We suspect the new G2 Phone to have a higher CPU frequency than ever, perhaps above 1Ghz.

If that’s the case, I will make sure to pick up one and make another gigantic hole in my wallet (err.. bank account).

Anyways, I am sure some of you are super G1-Phone-geekified, here’s G2 phone price leak, $199 with contract and $499 without.

via engadget, tmonews,

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T-Mobile G2 Spy Shots!

I have a pretty good gut feeling that T-Mobile’s G2 phone will set the standard for Android smartphones in year 2011.  Of course, next year you won’t be able to expect Nexus One from Google but T-Mobile’s Google G2 Phone will be where Google’s putting their money at.

These are the first spy shots of the T-Mobile G2 with a 3.7-inch screen and a QWERTY keyboard.  From what it looks, this could be the thinnest Android phone ever that has a QWERTY keyboard.

Man, I want one!

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