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G1 Hack – How to Turn your T-Mobile G1 Phone into a Multi-Touch Device!


Wow, here’s a cool little G1 hack that turns your T-Mobile G1 Android device into a multi-touch device.

You might void warranty but heck, it’s a G1 phone.  I will be ashamed not to break warranty at cool hacks like this.

I moved my original multi-touch code back into the kernel, because it turns out that currently it’s a lot easier to patch the kernel and get a working Android system than it is to patch the

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Samsung PIXON M8800 – iPhone Killer?


The new Samsung PIXON M8800 comes with an 8 Megapixel camera capable of taking photos with 3264×2448 pixel resolution.  As far as digital camera ability, this Samsung phone is better than most digital cameras at taking pictures.

The M8800 Pixon will feature autofocus and a flash obviously, but also face/smile/blink detection, panoramic shooting, image stabalisation and shake reduction software, all of which are to be found on ‘proper’ point-and-shoot cameras.

Although iPhone and Go

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You can now Buy iPhone 3G Online and Steve Jobs seems to be desperate!

For the weirdest reasons, Apple decides to start selling their iPhones online about 1 day after T-Mobile G1 phone came out.

We figure Steve Jobs is jealous of the new G-phone or he’s feeling desperate for the newest foe.

Steve, do you need some time to recuperate?

via gizmodo, Apple

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T-Mobile G1 looking great…


Here’s another video of the T-Mobile G1 with demos of various features including Google Talk.

I already have Google Talk on my Blackberry but this one looks cooler.

I think there’s a very good chance T-Mobile G1 will be taking over some of that iPhone sales. (Sorry Steve Jobs but G1 phone looks like an iPhone Killer to me…)

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T-Mobile G1 Hand-on Pics and Video!


Here’s the pics and vids for the T-mo

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