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Fireworks Hack – How to Make Cellphone Triggered Fireworks!

Check out this really cool Fireworks DIY that shows you how to make cellphone-triggered fireworks using a disposable cellphone.  Sorta ghetto the way it looks right now but the theory is there and I am sure you could easily package it to make it look better.

With this tutorial you will be able to create cellphone triggered fireworks. Initially this was designed for a hobby rocket launch, but I found it was just as practical with fireworks . You call the cell phone, and it will auto ig

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Time Bomb Alarm Clock!

If you are into Pyro-geek or simply need a time bomb to wake you up in the morning, we got the perfect Time Bomb Alarm Clock that will do the job without exploding on you.

It is easy to set the time and alarm, then to view the time simply press down on the ‘bomb’ and it reveals a digital display (cleverly projected from inside the bomb). When sleepy time is sadly over, just pull the fuse to stop that outrageous noise!

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LEGO NXT Fireworks Robot


Cool, someone made a Lego NXT Fireworks Robot!

This autonomous NXT robot will light multiple fireworks in a sequence – while the family sits back and watch the display!!

It uses a MINDSTORMS NXT, two light sensors (one for navigation and other to detect a lighted fuse) and an Ultrasonic detector (to adjust the torch arm height depending on the height of the fireworks fuse wire. It uses three motors – two for motion and and the third for the torch arm elvator.

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