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Floating Coffee Table!

Here’s a great idea for a coffee table, that uses small magnetic blocks to keep blocks afloat. The only problem with too much magnetics on a coffee table might be that you could easily erase your credit cards and whatnot.

Perhaps if they can put some kind of magnetic protection against that (shield it somehow) this could be a helluva floating coffee table.

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Furniture DIY – How to Make a Coffee Table with Antique Windows!

I tend to repeat my IKEA-horror story on how I bought over $1000 of coffee tables in the last couple years and they ALL BROKE!

But yes, it might be a great time for me to actually make one myself, at least I don’t have to blame IKEA for outsourcing their furniture to China.

My mother wanted a unique, traditional and modern coffee table. I found some old antique wooden windows at a flea market, and designed this coffee table around them.

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Furniture Made From Jeans!

How would you like to sit on your old jeans that have been rejuvenated back into your livingroom as a sofa?

A Japanese company is doing exactly this, you should note it costs about $400 for them to make you one, but I don’t see why not you can’t do this yourself on your spare time either.

This concept may seem to be a rather strange idea, after denim is not usually associated with furnishings, but in Japan the re-using of materials is a big thing and denim is coming through a good hard wearing and stylish covering for furniture.

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Recycled Bike Chair!

Check out this awesome recycled bike chair.  Now, this is what I call modern art that utilizes every source of renewable energy out there. Kudos!

The bike chair shown above is made using recycled chromed steel rims. It was recently featured on Forever Geek, which is where i happen to stumble upon the modern design (and eco) beauty. As you know re-purposed furniture and accessories is my fave type of green item. This one ranks right up there with the best of them.

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Pixel Art Coasters!

Pixel Art Coasters!

Here’s a fun way to add digitized pixels into your over-digitized life.  It’s a Pixel Art Coaster that can be attached to your dining table or any other furniture.

They’re made from a resilient paper fiber that should hold up to the condensation you might get on the bottom of your cup, or the occasional spill. In addition to the blue palette (which I prefer), there’s also a hot pink version if you’re looking for something a bit more girly.


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DIY – Build Your own Studio Apartment!

If this is true and anything like I bought from IKEA, you better watch out as the apartment WILL fall apart after 6 months of use.  (Exceptions: If it’s overpriced, it’s not gonna break.)

The furniture giant from Sweden is going viral with this giant box seen on Brooklyn streets promoting a new store in the NYC Borough. Build your own studio apartment with all the wooden pegs and tiny steel Allen wrenches you can shake a Lingonberry soda at!

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DIY – Build your own Lego Furniture!

Lego furniture, COOL!!!

LunaBlocks. Like traditional Legos, these blocks come in a variety of colors and configurations—all you need to finish a project is some glass, a pillow or cushion, some creativity and loads and loads of disposable income.


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DIY Linux-based 3D Rendering Farm – PC 24 CPU Cores and 48GB of memory!

Wow, check out this DIY Linux 3D rendering farm made with an IKEA Helmer furniture and crams 24 CPUs + 48GB of RAM.

This might give you some great ideas on how to make your own server farm, whether that’s for 3D or the web.

via kdmurray

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Stardust LED Furniture!

It looks like more and more designers are incorporating LEDs into their masterpieces.  Great stuff!

Low consumer, low voltage and high performance leds which can be considered the latest product of refined and ever-new conception fresh realized in Hong Kong, are brought in each piece and turn these furniture into out-and-out diffuse light sources or in a kind of light which, in an optional version, can change at will in the color scale.

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Did I just hear Shark Surfing?


Lol… yes, it is definitely possible to shark surf unless the shark in the video was faked. But it does look pretty real to me.

via Neatoramaoffice furniture in Bulgaria

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