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Gas Oven Shaped USB Laptop Cooling Pad

Max’s Note: Here’s a rather cool laptop cooling pad that also featured some cool LED-powered lights.

This is by far the most interesting looking laptop cooler I’ve seen around. The odd shape of this USB cooler is inspired by the gas oven. The cooler has dual fans, which should be powerful enough to keep your laptop as cool as required. It takes power directly from the computer’s USB port. Available for $12.69 at Uxsight.com.


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Great Idea – Incomplete Ad with Rest Sent Via your MMS!

@nishanjoomun just tweeted this cool ad where you get the rest of the “woman” via MMS.  Now I wonder if there’s more than one version of this…hmmm….   Great viral ad campaign btw.

Interesting what you find on Twitter, follow me @zedomax and send me a tweet if you have tweet stuff like this as I will “blog” it.

You frustratingly look around the ad for an explanation an

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Fast and Luxurious


kinda stupid but funny…

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Toilet HACK – DIY Arduino Flush-O-Matic – LMAO


Lol, this has to be one of the better laughs you get from DIYs….  I had to post since today I just overflew my toilet and had to clean up the whole bathroom.  My hands still smell like my diarrheal poop.

[via] toolex


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DIY HACK – How to make a cheap Lie Detector!


Here’s a funny cheap lie detector you can make. I don’t know if it really works since there’s no circuit diagrams but you can find lots of lie detector circuit diagrams on the internet like this one I found in about 5 seconds:

Yes, these lie detectors probably won’t work on cats, maybe try dogs. 🙂

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Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your Dog!

Check out this really cool “automatic ball throwing machine” for your dog. Set it on and your dog will play tirelessly while you can focus on working from home or doing your dishes.

We couldn’t find any sources other than this Tennis ball throwing machine patent and a simliar device called GoDogGo!. We think itR

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Virgin Mobile uses Spitzer as a marketing “tool”

Virgin has always been doing these kinda things, ganging up on their competition or picking on poor politicians. Hey, at least they always worked.

Virgin Mobile Canada knows how frustrated people can get with the lack of personalized service these days. Faster than Eliot Spitzer could say, “Um, oops,” the company came out with a print ad that features the newly former New York govern

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Food Fight!!!


Okay, here’s the best food fight ever!!!

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DIY Toilet HACK – HOWTO re-use dirty water as toilet water!


We found this through one of the commentors, this is a great idea if you are really about saving some earth’s precious energies.

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Sunday Entertainment Video – Amateur Google Songs


Check out some of these Google songs, including the one above. Hilarous!

via InsideGoogle

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