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President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago Speech


Well, I try not to get too political on this DIY Tech Blog but heck, if I can’t speak my mind here, I rather die.

Anyways, here’s the speech Obama gave after winning the election.

I might be right or wrong but I think this simple speech will be as famous as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address one day. Heck, maybe Obama is the 21st generation version of Abraham Lincoln. (less the cool beard)

Here’s another funny story.

Well, the

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Firefox Hits Record Market Share at 20%!

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Yey, my favorite Firefox browser hits record market share of 20%!  Although still far aways from taking over IE, it’s far better than 4-5% couple years ago when Firefox started becoming more and more popular among U.S. users.  (Btw, Asian users still rely on IE mostly, due to the fact that most of their online credit card systems work exclusively with IE’s encryption technology.  I have been one of those users in South Korea where almost

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Man Uses Remote Desktop Software to Catch Thief and Watch Porn!

Here’s a funny story about a guy who uses his remote desktop software on his stolen laptop to catch the thief.  While doing so, he had do endure lots of porn, which what the thief was watching mostly.

Of course, the laptop won’t ever be the same anymore, I’d at least dismantle that keyboard and painted over with clearcoat.

It was kind of frustrating because he was mostly using it to watch porn. I couldn’t get any information on him.

via gizmodo

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