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Rest Your Wrist on a Banana

Max’s Note: I DEFINITELY need one of these as my right arm always gets “slit” by the edge of my desk when I blog for too long.  Temporarily, I’ve been using an old mousepad which works too.

Just like most people these days about 75% of your day is spent on the computer. So when you spend that much time on one, you want to be comfortable. Well the Banana Wrist Support might look funny but it also works as a good support for your wrist. And yes, it is sh

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Transformer Optimus Prime Cake!

Here’s a fun little Transformer cake for celebrating your special days.

via technabob

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Zedomax DIY123 – HOW TO make a Christmas LED wreath!


We were thinking that we could make another last minute DIY for that uses a Ryobi FAN from Home Depot, high output LEDs, and an embedded computer. Although we have been spending way too much time making DIYs and not working, we are glad we did make a cool Christmas LED Wreath we are proud of. The video by the way did not capture the real effect because of the frame rate of the camera but th

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Garrett’s DIY #1 – Persistence of Vision Device

(Garrett in Action!)


Here’s a cool persistence of vision DIY by Garrett!

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