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Airplane Hack – How to Land a 747!

Here’s a cool airplane hack on how to land a 747 just in case.

Main Checklist Get on the radio, and tell whoever’s listening that you are landing a 747. Engage a single channel of the autopilot — light one of the buttons labeled “CMD.” Point the heading indicator in the direction indicated to keep the plane straight and level. Find the checklists in the side pocket of the pilot’s and copilot’s seat. If the plane is a 747-400, engage the Automatic Landing System (ALS). If it is not a 747-400, see below under “Landing Without ALS.”

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DIY Vegetable Fuel System Converter Kit for Diesel Cars!

I admit to converting a naturally aspirated 2.0L Mitsubishi Eclipse into a Turbo 2.0L Mitsubishi Eclipse about 10 years back but here’s a good DIY kit for doing something real “good” for your wallet and the environment.

If you’ve been thinking about converting your regular old diesel beater into a vege-powered car, this vegatable fuel system converter kit might just do the job for

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