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Laser DIY – How to Make Laser Light Show w/ Speakers!

Looking for new ways to make a DIY Laser show?  Well, last year I used mirrors and PC fans to make a simple party green laser projector, there’s also ways to use sound “frequencies” to make the laser respond.   Any form of light will be affected by the frequency change in the sound if it’s loud and close enough. (You can also take an example of an oscilloscope and speaker example

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make some sounds with Arduino! Sound Part 3 – Playing a Melody

Check out the Part 3 of “HOWTO make sounds with Ardunio” and learn to play melody.

Bit-Banging Sound To bit-bang sound we toggle an output pin at the desired frequency. To play a musical note, we need to use specific frequencies and play the sound for a specific amount of time.

Generating the desired frequency big-bang style means figuring out what the period or cycle time of the desired frequency is. This is easy to c

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Open Flame Physics Experiment, Ruben’s Tube


[gv data=”HpovwbPGEoo”][/gv]

This Ruben’s Tube will mimik your music with sine wave fireworks…awesome!

Watch standing waves being seen as open flames…

via wohba

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