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RSS Pillow for Bloggers!

Are you a blogger?  Well, then you really need to get this awesome RSS pillow that will turn your livingroom into feed-frenzy environment.

Now you can dream about and wake up to the RSS symbol as this pillow is a cool representation of what you will see on millions of sites across the internet.

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Smoke Turret is a Big Ass-Kickin’ Mist System!

It’s getting close to that time of the year, that’s right, Halloween!

For the most awesome special effects, you might want to consider getting this Smoke Turret, which blows off most Mist Systems out there.

For what it’s worth, the Smoke Turret will out-do any other masking materials, just make sure order this one ahead of the time as it takes 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Fire off a fog frenzy at your Halloween event or party. The gun turret has a 180 degree movable

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HOWTO Make Money Online like the Shoemaker!

Here’s a little story I made up tonight while talking to my girlfriend on how to find your niche market online:

Long time ago, before they had electricity in the Wild Wild West, there were cowboys and shoemakers. Cowboys killed bad guys and the Shoemakers made the best customized shoes in the whole Wild Wild West, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, and couple other really dry states.

The cowboys only wanted shoes from this one shoemaker who practiced out of Dallas, Texas. He’s fame wasn’t grown by himself, it had been growing ever since his ancient relatives

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OneBuckWiki sells over 1000 pages in 2 weeks since its Launch!

Hi All,

Here’s a shameless promotion for our new sites:

As you well know, we have been creating lots and lots of cool and sometimes funky websites but OneBuckWiki might be the site we have hit on somethin’.

We’ve sold over 1000 pages within 2 weeks since its launch! Anyways, you can still get a deal for pages. If you want a free page, let me know at zedomax [at] gmail.com.

We want to hook u

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