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Dirtsurfer is a Skateboard+Bike Hybrid Thingee!


Here’s a new way to skate down the gravel road with the Dirtsurfer, a hybrid surfing system consisting of skateboard and bicycle wheels flopped together.

It looks promising and fun but I am not sure if I am inclined to wear all that safety gear just to get on one.

The Freestyle Dirtsurfer features all the upgrades of the Flexi-Pro on a shorter length frame and smaller 16″ tires. The reduction in size allows for a lighter board that is more maneuverable so you can pull off the big

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SurfJet – Motorized Surf Board!

Here’s a surf board that needs zero waves for you to enjoy. You can now officially “walk” on water.

These surfjets are probably best for learning to balance on a surfboard.

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Surfjetin’ is surprisingly easy. The Malibu and Pacifica models are great for beginners and the Freestyle is for the H2O hotshots. They are all designed to be stable – even when you’re just catchin’ rays. When you start jettin’, you&

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