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Blog DIY – How to Make a Lightbox Newsletter Sign Up Form and Increase your Feedburner RSS!

If you want to incorporate the similar lightbox newsletter sign-up form as on this blog, I highly recommend you to check out my new ThickBox Sign-up Plugin for WordPress.   I did spend a good amount of time trying to make it into a WordPress plugin so you will have to pay for it but believe me, this works really well and probably worth well beyond the introductary price of $25.

After researching many different lightbox and thickbox methods, I could not find a good plugin, so I made this Thickbox E-mail Sign-up Form.

In the beginning,

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Contest – Top commentators this month will get 3 free pages on the FiveDollarWiki

Hey, we are giving out 3 free pages EACH for the top 3 commentators this month. This is a good opportunity to get some freebies for your website or blog.

We’ve sold 11 pages in 2 days! Check out the FiveDollarWiki and reserve your spot in history today!

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