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We are back on a faster server and ready to go fast again! :)

Hey, we are back on a super-fast server from Cari.net. We had to move to a quad CPU dedicated server due to traffic and slow load times. Aplus.net didn’t have any faster CPU than dual-core so we had to move. Anyways, I just got my cool green dragon laser from Dragon Lasers last week. I will shoot a video soon to show it off. (And yeah, we are giving them some free ads for the free sample!) Thanks Frank for the $400 green laser! 🙂 I’ve been very busy pointing it at the sky and other things. It’s really

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The next generation skateboard – Flowboard!

Check out these cool flowboards, the next generation of skateboards. I don’t know how well you can balance yourself on one of these new skateboards with 7 WHEELS per truck. But you know that Bush doesn’t want you to take his away from him. Well, we will just have to get one soon and start doing some crazy nollies near downtown SF…

(Maybe they will send us a free sample for a free video r

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