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Super Gigantic Green Lasers Review 300mW to 600mW Green Lasers!


Hi all,

This is a special review of giant green lasers on the market today.

Since I was getting tired of my little measly 125mW green laser from DragonLasers, I was going to go on shopping for a super-giagantic laser that will fulfill my dreams. (So I can burn stuff from miles away from my 12th floor apartment without getting caught…)

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Crossfire EX 600mW

Wow, I was impressed with this

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Brian wins a Free Green Laser worth $200 and we have a Free UV Vacuum for next month’s contest

Everyone thank you for participating in this month’s Zedomax Free Laser Contest.  I am happy to inform you that Brian is our final winner.  Although he did make repetitive comments using some type of Macro software (I think), he made the most comments using whatever he needed to.  We are a hack site so don’t expect us to not praise hackers.

We will have some new banners coming soon for our new contest, you can win a UV Halo Vac next month.  The contest is:  You have to submit most products to our new shopping social site,

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Better Comments WordPress Plugin

With our Free Laser contest going on, I needed some help in being able to respond to comments faster. Well, I just looked on JohnChow.com and boom, I got a solution to my problemo…

Yes, with this plugin, you can reply to comments on the fly!

Download Better Comments Manager

Installation of the plugin is a simple download, unzip, upload and activate. The plugin works really well and is a pleasure to use. The ability to quickly reply to comments from within the WordPress admin panel is a real ti

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Free Green Laser


Here’s the green laser we are going to give away! I just got it in the mail from DragonLasers in China! (Yeah, they are shipping directly from China now.) Anyway, I bought 2 AAA batteries to make it work and so you can get a taste of the free laser before we give it out…

This Viper Green Laser pretty nice and handy… just don’t point at people’s eyes… maybe too powerful.

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My MS Outlook Screen

Here’s a little screenshot of my MS Outlook lately. Carl and girrrrrr2 are really going after this free laser. In the meanwhile, my emailbox is getting so full of comments. (not that i am complaining…?) Anyways, cheers to the two commentators for battling out on zedomax.com! 🙂

It’s like grrrrrr then Carl grrrrrr then Carl….

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DIY HACK – How to make a portable Laser Projector!


Wow, this is somethin’ I’ve always wanted to make with the free laser Dragonlasers sent me a long time ago…

But here it is! Looks like he’s from the UK. 🙂

P.S. Remember we ARE giving out a FREE Dragon Laser to the top commentator this month.  So make sure to participate.  Looks like Brian is going to get it at this rate. 🙂

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