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DealMax – Hammacher Schlemmer COUPON – FREE SHIPPING This Month!

Hammacher Schlemmer is offering FREE SHIPPING this month on any items over $99.

The new coupon code for October is good for all sales over $99 and is: “HSOCTFS”

This code is valid 10/1/09 until 11/1/09. Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Hammacher Schlemmer with Code: HSOCTFS – Limited Time Offer

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USB Mini Can Humidifier Ionizer Review!


Here’s a hands-on review of the USB Mini Can Humidifier Ionizer from BudgetGadgets.com.  It’s a really cool little device as the Can Ionizer will purify the air around your office while providing a purified, ionized mist.  I really like it a lot since I smoke in my kitchen, this should help clean up the air quite a bit while I do gadget reviews and whatnot.  (Thanks Meka for the free sample!)

The fog of PC/Car Humidifier will neutralize with the s

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Cheapest 25 feet Long HDMI Cable!

One of the advantages of using straight HDMI cable (HDMI to HDMI) is the fact that you video and sound are both transmitted digitally.  Now, if your PC or laptop is placed pretty far away from your HDTV, you will need a long cable and this 25 feet long HDMI cable might just be what you need for most homes.

I don’t think you need to spend too much money on the “quality” of HDMI cables as they are basically all the same.  Since HDMI is “digital”, there’s no perceived “loss” of signal even if you use t

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Valentines Jewelry Coupons!

Well, Valentines is coming up soon, you will need these coupons just in case you buy your lover a nice ring or whatnot:

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