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FREE Flash Games at PinkArcade.com!

My long-time blogger friend Mike from Bloggin-Ads.com (he had to sell the site because of money problems) has launched a new flash game site called PinkArcade.com.  It’s doing pretty good right now but he needs my help and your help.

Well, basically it’s bunch of flash games you can play for free so I don’t see how you can lose by bookmarking this site.

Anyways, please check it out and enjoy the free flash games! 🙂

Btw, most of latest blog pos

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Free Flash Games including Super Mario Bros!

Here’s a site with 10,000 free flash games including a Super Mario Bros, which loads as a flash and there are so many other cool ones. Maybe 10 years down the road we will see ps3 and wii being played as little flash games too…

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