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Instrument DIY – How to Make a Marimba!

Marimba may be one of the coolest musical instruments on earth today with its ability to make relaxing beach-resort sounds.  Well, you don’t have to wait until you are in Jamaica to hear the Marimba, you can build your own like this guy did. – link

I am a mallet percussionist who loves the marimba. About four years ago I had a problem. Though I loved percussion, I had no way of practicing at home. There were cheap opti

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NES Hack – How To Make an SNES Alarm Clock!


Here’s a really cool NES Hack that involves installing an alarm clock inside the SNES.  Of course, you can even use the joystick to set the time, which gets double-whammy thumbs up.

Our story begins with the gutting of the SNES and the desoldering of the cartridge connector and reset switch from the mainboard. To my great surprise and greater fortune, the cartridge connector’s pins were precisely the same pitch as the through-holes for the display ribbon on the alarm clock, and on top

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Social Networking can be fun and useful

Above is the fortune cookie thing I got today at my favorite Chinese restaurant, well I guess the Social scene can be fun today.

Wikipedia has good stuff about it, but personally, the bookmarking feature is really cool since you can save your favorite sites on the web instead of your computer. If you happen to be somewhere else and not in front of your P, you can still access your favorite sites.

A social network is a ma

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