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DESIGN – DIY Polaroid Flower Vase!

Check out this awesome design, a DIY Polaroid Flower Vase for small plants and alike. (via greenmuze)

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Flower DIY – How to Make a “Steel” Flower!

Okay, I really admit it this time, the only flowers I can really maintain are those low-maintenance cactus, which I have one on my desk right now. (and it’s still ALIVE!)

For those of you who have hard time maintaining a “real” garden, you might want to try the alternatives (like me cactus) or learn how to make a steel flower.  Make sure you put some anti-rust coating so your flower will be maintenance-free even if it rains.

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Pyro DIY – How to Make Poor Man’s Liquid Hydrogen!


If you have a LOT of time to kill, you might be interested to learn that you can make your own Poor Man’s liquid hydrogen using dry ice.

If you lack access to Liquid Nitrogen, then you can’t break a frozen flower or make wind chimes from strips of lead sheet. You can’t make LEDs glow super-bright. You can’t even shatter a rubber band. But what if you could make your own “LN2” from easily available materials?

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Recycled Floppy Disk Bracelets!

I am sure most of you heard of recycled record cases, floppy disk bags, and recyled floppy disk pencil holders but here’s a recycled floppy disk bracelet you can buy that’s made out of recycled floppy disk inserts.

The bracel

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