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Garden DIY – How to Make a Flower/Vegetable Bed!

Pioneer Woman has a really extensive and detailed DIY on how to make a flower/vegetable bed, completely from scratch using home/garden tools.  I didn’t know it took this much thought process to make such a flower bed but a very interesting read indeed and highly recommend to you garden-addicts.

I want you to know that this is the easiest thing in the world to do. If you’re even remotely comfortable with using a drill, this entire project can take under an hour. If not, it still won’t take you very long. And it’ll bring you a great sens

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EcoJohn – Eco Toilet Incinerates your Poop!

This has to be the coolest eco-frienldy device for taking a dump.  It’s an Eco Toilet that works by incinerating your poop to white powder.  Even better, the incinerated poop can be used for adding nutrition to your plants.

With the Eco Toilet in the works, we will no longer need long septic pipes to our houses, just one little toilet that does the job for you.

Of course, I have not tested this unit.  The only thing I am afraid of is the fact that it’s going to smell somewhat like burnt po

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