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Moller Flying Car – The Autovolantor!

Moller has been building flying cars for decades now based in Davis, California, the same town that I went to college.  I remember hearing about my friends who “saw” a flying car in the field at least couple times a month before I found out about it blogging.

Anyways, Moller has a new type of flying car called the Autovolantor which can “fly” over traffic occasionally but it’s not designed for full flights.

I like this new hybrid mo

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Delta to Offer Full In-Flight WiFi!

Delta is finalizing their decision on offering full in-flight wi-fi for everyone on dometic flights by middle of next year.  Go Delta!  Now, I can travel and get some blogging done while flying.  THAT is cool.

ATLANTA — Delta Air Lines Inc. said Tuesday that it would offer broadband wireless Internet access on its entire domestic mainline fleet by the middle of next year.

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Virgin Galatic, 3 Hour Space Travel, ready for reservations, can you afford it?

I first saw an article about Virgin’s Richard Branson on Wired magazine couple months ago. Virgin announced that it was launching a public service where people can experience zero-gravity.

Basically, Virgin is taking space travel into reality for normal people like you and me.

Anyways, I was SiteHoppin’ along for some random Entrecard tech blogs and found

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