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Flickr Hack – DIY Blind Camera Shows you the Latest Images Off Flickr!

Here’s a cool DIY blind camera that will search for the latest images people have uploaded on Flickr and show you on the camera screen when you click the red button.

However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn’t have any optical parts. It allows you to capture your moment but in doing so, it effectively seperates it from the subject. Instead, as you will memorize the moment, the camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos t

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DIY 130 Megapixel Camera Made with Canon Lens and Flatbed Scanner!

Here’s a really cool DIY 130 megapixel camera made with Canon lens and a flatbed scanner.  You can check out some of the photos took with it on the inventor’s Flickr.

Spyuge, an amateur photographer, said he used an 1200-dpi Epson flatbed scanner and an old Canon FD 50mm lens to make a camera that can’t fit in your pocket, or shoot anything at speed, but it does have 130Mp.

via ephoto

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Home DIY – How to Make Shelves with Old Wood!

Do you need new shelves for your garage?   Well, don’t go to IKEA and spend a bunch of money.  Instead, recycle and re-use some old wood.

At Flickr there is a great post on how rustic wood can be used to make beautiful shelving displays. All you need is bracket mounts, old wood and loads of imagination!

via bed blog

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand from iPhone Plastic Packaging!

It’s usually the simple ideas that makes us go, “Wow, I could’ve thought of that!” and here’s a cool iPhone hack that shows you how to make an iPhone stand from iPhone plastic packaging.  Wow!

Of course, if you threw all your packaging away (or recycled it I hope), you can always refer to this DIY on how to make iPhone stand with

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Blue Screen of Death used as Fuzz Prop at NIN concert!

I know, this is the famous blue screen of death that has been haunting Windows users for the last decade and now it’s being used as part of a background prop for NIN concert.

Yes, Windows is officially crap…watch the video to see the blue screen of death in action although it’s really hard to see. (Jump to 1:04)


via gizmodo,

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DIY – How to Make a Box Kite!

Thinking of making your own box kite?  Here’s a cool set of photos you can refer to making your own box kites!

I’ve been making these [box kites] for few years, and tomorrow I’m getting a bunch of people to make them at gas works park in Seattle. So I figured I would spice up my usual instruction set and put it on flickr.

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Samsung Launching a Dual Monitor with Webcam!

Samsung will be launching their new dual monitor setup which includes a 22-inch monitor and a mini detachable 7-inch monitor you can attach on any side of the bigger monitor.

This seems like a really good idea and I think other LCD manufacturers will quickly start copying it.

It makes sense since sometimes you just need  about 7 inches of extra screen for IMs, video messaging, or a slideshow of your flickr while you work.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) &

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Speaker Dolls!

Cute speaker dolls!

Flickr pool member Fungus Amungus made these chic speakers using Munny figures as enclosures. Not sure what level of hifi those little guys can deliver, but considering the cuteness factor – I might not even care much. – Munny speakers on Flickr

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Maker Faire 2008!

Wow, Maker Faire was a lot bigger this year over at San Mateo Fairgrounds near where I used to work.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun watching some cool gizmos, DIYs, and makers but it’s really crowded this year.

Wow, this is great structure of woman!

Phew, there’s a lot of stuff. You ca

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Flickr 3D Tiltviewer!

Wow, these guys know how to make use of Flickr API. Here’s a 3D Tiltviewer that let’s you hop different Flickr pictures in 3D!

TiltViewer allows you to browse Flickr’s most interesting images in a 3D space. Images are pulled from Flickr’s Interestingness list.

TiltViewer was built using Awa

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