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Giant USB Duplicator!

Wow, check out this gizmo that duplicated up to 20 USB Flash drives at one time! These days, with so many people carrying their 4GB flash drives on their neck, keychain, etc…etc…, these Giant USB Duplicators can be useful for companies trying to promote their businesses.

(For example, you could put a 4 Gigabytes of company presentations, videos, documents, etc…etc… so your clients can carry it in their pocket instead of giving them a CD, which are just way too out

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DIY HACK – How to install Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive

Here’s a cool howto on installing your Ubuntu to a flash drive!

This’d be great for people like me since I can take Ubuntu with me everywhere.

via lifehacker

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Cute Flash Drives~

Cute Flash Drive coming from Freshly Squeezed Flash

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