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CSS Hack – How to Show Your Drop-Down Menu over Flash!

For those of you having trouble showing your CSS drop-down menu over flash, you can add this line of code:

<embed wmode=”transparent” …

so your drop-down menu will be shown over the flash.

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DIY HACK – Build a Flashlight that can burn paper!

[gv data=”79Aw8nH9IrM”][/gv]

Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to build a super strength flashlight that can burn paper.



Project Legals – One development system for all browser platforms

The thing I like Java over other languages it’s cross-platform abilities,

it seems like Project “Legals” is something of similar nature except geared toward browsers…

OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software.

OpenLaszlo programs are written in XML and JavaScript and transparently compiled to Flash and soon DHTML. The OpenLaszlo API

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wwwweeekend fun flash

cool flash

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Watch with FM radio capability AND MP3!

Wow, I really need this…yes it would be nice to have bluetooth wireless too…

This Thanko FMP3 watch lets you play MP3s from your wrist and it has an FM radio, too. Choose between 512MB or 1GB of flash memory and wear your music on your sleeve, or thereabouts. Although it’s certainly not the first MP3 watch (even Thanko itself has a voice-recording MP3 watch among a few others), it would be so much nicer with a Bluetooth transmitter along

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The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella

Math in Motion using Interactive Geometry Software…

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Cute Flash Drives~

Cute Flash Drive coming from Freshly Squeezed Flash

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TDK Hits 32GB With NAND

TDK has announced that itís reached a capacity of 32GB with its new IDE compatible NAND Flash memory. The Flash disk is roughly 20 percent smaller in size than a standard 2.4-inch notebook drive, consumes less less power and can transfer data at rates up to 33.3MBps. It is currently available only in limited sample quantities, but with all the announcements of similar devices, expect to start seeing these readily available in laptops sometime next year. [

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Funny Flash Game for the weekend!

Here’s a funny flash game for your weekend!

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Cool Flash – Crazy Rabbit

Check out this cool flash in which a crazy rabbit will eat your mouse cursor!

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