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X-Men Hack – How to Make a Handheld Flame Thrower!



Check out this awesome hack that involves a handheld flame thrower.  There’s some schematics and build details here. The X-men-like handheld flame thrower uses hand gestures to control the amount of flame you want.   I think this is way cool that you can build such a dangerous device but just make sure if you are going to build one, you know exactly what you are doing as even small mistakes could possibly burn your hand off. (so have a f

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DIY – How to Make a Ghetto Flame Thrower!


Here’s a video of how to make a ghetto flame thrower using your jacked-up lighter and some spray cans.

Now, don’t go out there and burn off your dog, that is very BAD BAD BAD.

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DIY Flame Thrower!


(Jump to 1:11 for flames!)

Here’s a cool DIY Flame Thrower project that will remind you of X-men characters.

Definitely this isn’t as powerful as anything in the movies but will burn most things off pretty fast.

The Pyro System is my final project for a mechanisms class in the spring of 2008. It gives me the power that the X-Men character Pyro has

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