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Garden DIY – How to Make a Worm Farm!

Since I love to go fishing, I’d probably use more fresh worms to catch my favorite fish but I guess worms can also be used to “fertilize” your soil for your garden.

Anyways, if you don’t want to go buy a bunch of worms, you can build your own worm farm!

Worms can do wonders for the garden: they aerate the soil and their castings are an excellent fertilizer. To get a constant supply of this worm fertilizer as well as extra worms for the garden, start a worm farm.

Use Red Worms

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Fishing DIY – How to Make Plastic Molded Fishing Lures Yourself!

As someone who loves to fish and also crab-fishing at nearby Pacifica or under the Golden Gate Bridge at the Pier, this DIY is definitely recommended for any serious fishermen who want to make their own plastic-molded fishing lures.

I was thinking the other day about how much it costs to buy fishing lures, when I always lose or break them. I also thought it would be great if I could come up with a way to customize them somewhat and create a whole new, possibly better artificial bait. After some searching, I found that commercial molds and plastics

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Thai Food Hack – How to Make Coconut Milk!

I have to admit that I have been blessed with lots of desire to learn new types of food.  Lately, I have been mastering the art of making Thai food, my favorite is Tom Kha Gai, which of course, requires some coconut milk.

Although I have heard that coconut milk is simply the juice from the coconut milk, I have never seen it in person but I did find this cool food hack on how to make coconut milk.


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USB Fish Handheld Mouse needs no Mouse Surface!

If you are one of those lazy bloggers with a 60″ LCD TV hooked up to your PC in your bedroom and you blog on your bed, you will definitely need to get one of these Fish Handheld Mouses that can be used without a mouse surface.

The Fish is a revolutionary new hand held mouse that will change the way we use computers.


With no complicated set up or software, The Fish simply plugs into any available USB port and is ready to use. Being hand held, surfing the

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Top Design – Infinity Aquarium

The Infinity Aquarium provides an eye-soothing experience for your fish and yourself with its visually appealing aquarium that’s also a materpiece work of an art in itself.

May we suggest you get one?  Just don’t try to fit large fish like Sharks.

via 7gadgets

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Intel’s new intelligent Hand Robot!


Now here’s an intelligent robot that won’t crush your hand as it detects before grabbing stuff.

A robotic hand designed by Intel researchers is able to sense the general shape of objects before interacting with them.

The tips of its fingers send out a weak electrical impulse that objects interfere with, giving the hand a rough idea of what it’s about to grasp. Using electrolocation, as it’

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Phillips Color Changing RGB Lamps!

Wow, check out these new color changing RGB Lamps! Although it’s not new tech, we give thumbs up for the design!

The lamp uses 4 LEDs, two red, one blue, and one green. By increasing, reducing, brightening or dimming each LED you get different colors!

The lamp uses a remote control so you can change LivingColors settings from anywhere in the room. What is smart on this remote is the fact that it remembers your last settings so you don’t need to reselect them.

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DIY HACK – How to create LED Lightfish!

Wow, check out these LED Lightfish! Haha, we have a new word, “Lightfish“. (When will they put it on Merrium and Webster encyclopedia?…I mean dictionary.)

Yes, that’s a simple hack, an

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Hear Fish talk & Whales sing How to make low cost Hydrophone


Here’s a cool little kit you can make to hear fish and whales talk and sing! You can buy the kits on ebay.


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