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Thai Food Hack – How to Make Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad!


The other day, I had the please of making Thai Pork Salad and Thai Shrimp Salad for dinner, I took some pictures so you can learn how to make “authentic” thai salads too.

This is my favorite food to eat when I am drinking rice wine or soju and highly recommended if you are into spicy foods.

Here’s some Thai language lessons before we begin here:

Yam-Muh-Yuh means Thai Pork Salad while Yam-Koong means Thai Shrimp Salad, where “Yam” means “Thai Salad&

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Korean Food Hack – How to Make Kimchi!

Kimchi is a traditional food in Korea, lettuce marinated in spices with vegetables, fish sauce, and more.  Kimchi is a great way to get all your vitamins while keeping your stomach filled with good bacteria that your body needs.

There’s also many varieties and types of kimchees with different ingredient depending on what region of Korea the kimchee-maker is from.  (This is due to the number of different r

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