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Recession DIY – How to Watch Fireworks on a Budget this July 4th, Independence Day!

July 4th Independence Day is one of my favorite days as I do highly enjoy celebrating my freedom as an independent person who doesn’t depend on his parents to make a living.  I’ve been such a July 4th nut and I have been going to every firework in San Francisco last couple years but this year, I’ve decided to save money and watch the fireworks.

So, here’s how to save money during one of the biggest holidays in America:

1. Don’t go out to see the fireworks, stay home!  If you are going to go out clubbing on July 4th or even to a bar, don’t

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Fireworks Hack – How to Make Cellphone Triggered Fireworks!

Check out this really cool Fireworks DIY that shows you how to make cellphone-triggered fireworks using a disposable cellphone.  Sorta ghetto the way it looks right now but the theory is there and I am sure you could easily package it to make it look better.

With this tutorial you will be able to create cellphone triggered fireworks. Initially this was designed for a hobby rocket launch, but I found it was just as practical with fireworks . You call the cell phone, and it will auto ig

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Free New Year Wallpapers for your Desktop Background!

It’s going to be 2009 soon and here’s a list of free New Year wallpapers you can download for your computer desktop.  My recommendation is to get something like above and start your virtual desktop fresh starting January 1st, 2009.

Without delay, here’s a whole bunch of free New Year Wallpapers:

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Remote Fireworks Launcher!

Here’s a cool Remote Fireworks Launcher for launching those fireworks on Independence Day or New Years.

Although crude, this remote fireworks launcher will allow you to launch up to 5 fireworks at one time.

Bookmark this page if you are going to need this on the 1st of next year.


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Pyro DIY – Fireworks Ignition Control System using Parallax SX48!

You know when it comes to New Years and Independence Day, you always get to see some really exotic, beautiful fireworks.  Well, all those fireworks are nowdays controlled by an ignition control system but here’s how to make one for yourself.

At the heart of my firework ignition system is an SX48 running at 50 MHz. I was able to make full use of the SX’s 36 IO pins. Thirty lines are dedicated to the 30 channels. Two lines connect to a MAX233 chip for serial port control. Another line is connected to a 7805 (TO-92) which monitors the state o

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DIY – How to Make Match Box Fireworks!


Here’s a fun DIY you can do using bunch of matches.  You will need like 20 boxes of matches to do this.

This thing does look pretty powerful so be careful and don’t burn your hand!

via metacafe

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Zedomax New Years Countdown 2008 San Francisco!


Remember last year’s countdown? Well, this year, we didn’t get to count down as San Francisco decided not to I guess. Regardless, we did get some footage of the fireworks near Bay Bridge. We were actually at the Fishermen’s Wharf and that’s why the fireworks seem far away. Next year, we will be going closer to downtown.

Like history of New Years?  Check out how crazy we went last year with

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LEGO NXT Fireworks Robot


Cool, someone made a Lego NXT Fireworks Robot!

This autonomous NXT robot will light multiple fireworks in a sequence – while the family sits back and watch the display!!

It uses a MINDSTORMS NXT, two light sensors (one for navigation and other to detect a lighted fuse) and an Ultrasonic detector (to adjust the torch arm height depending on the height of the fireworks fuse wire. It uses three motors – two for motion and and the third for the torch arm elvator.

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