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Fireplace/HDTV Combo!

A company called Skloib, has invented a new type of Fireplace/HDTV combo.  Basically you can get both for the space of one.  I like this idea so long as the correct specification firewall is placed between the TV and the fireplace.

Called the TV Drehturm, this multimedia furniture unit reveals two sides, with one side holding the TV and A/V accessories and the other side holding a stylish fireplace. Multimedia furniture h

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Ubuntu Hack – How to Make Ubuntu run Super Fast!

For those of us who are anti-Windows and anti-Mac, we will benefit from learning how to make Ubuntu run super fast.

Here’s some great tips on minimizing processes to make your Ubuntu run faster than ever:

1. Remove Network Manager if you do not need it “sudo apt-get remove network-manager”. If possible give yourself a static IP in /etc/network/interfaces like so:

auto lo iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask network broadcast gat

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Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld will help the sales of Vista operating system, but at least the commercials will be funny enough to watch.

What do I think about Microsoft still trying to push their Vista operating system?

It’s basically worthless operating system bundled with so many features you can’t use unless you buy a computer with Vista installed.  Even then, your Vista is not guaranteed to work with all your peripherals with constant, annoying firewall prompts.

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast

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Mechanical Hit Counter

Here’s a cool ethernet-enabled mechanical hit counter. It seems kind of over-powered using a relay but this can be a great source of information for similar applications.

So, when you ping salem, you’re actually hitting my firewall, which redirects ICMP type 8 (Echo Request) so the board, whose internal address is BX decodes the ping request and asserts a TTL output high for 50ms. This turns on the transistor, which fi

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Test your website to see it’s sensored by great firewall of China!

Here’s a cool site that can test your website to see if it’s available to people in China. Looks like zedomax is okay with China’s great firewall. Yipee!

I hear now people can get put into jail for using the internet too much, that sucks…

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