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Styrofoam Homes could be the future!

It looks like styrofoam could be used for making future homes as they provide a flexible enough structure to hold up against earthquakes while being strong enough to encase a dome.

Heck, I would want one too so long as peeping Tom’s don’t live in my neighborhood.

Made with 7-inch-thick 100% expanded polystyrene foam modules, the company says that they don’t have the maintenance problems of wood or metal structures, and they are “highly resistant” to earthquakes, fires, and typhoons. Still, the 480 domes at Aso F

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DIY – How to Make a Light Bulb Oil Lamp!

Here’s a great way to re-use your old light bulbs and turn them into oil lamps for your pleasures.  It does look dangerous though if you cracked the light bulb and the oil starts spilling out everywhere…  wait a minute, that’d cause some serious fires!

This instructable covers the entire process, from a new light bulb to a new lamp. It includes the hollowing out of the bulb. However, you’ll need to come up with your own base for the lamp.


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Go Green and “Digitize” your Physical Data into Digital Documents!

Note: This is a paid review through ReviewMe.

As a former IT technician, I can understand the importance of digital documents. A lot of businesses today still uses hundreds for file boxes for all their information, creating more paper waste and information hard to file, organize, and retreive.

What exactly are digital documents?

Basically a digital document is your physical document scanned into digital files such as PDFs, Jpegs, etc..etc… If your business does

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