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Quick Browser HACK – Google and Yahoo Bookmarklets for Firefox, IE, and Safari


Today, I was trying to bookmark some stuff on Google and Yahoo and noticed that there weren’t any bookmarklets for them that were available.

They have toolbars but I rather have a simple button to click then do click, scroll, click…

So I hacked one real quick. Now you can just click a button on your browser to save your favorite sites to Google or Yahoo Bookmarks In Firefox,

Click and drag

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Forbes Video Interview With Digg CEO

[gv data=”-awFoSL3KZI”][/gv]

Cool video on interview with Digg CEO Jay Adelson, interesting that 70% of digg users use Firefox. Yes, switch to firefox and stop Windows monopoly. Getting back to the news, Digg supposedly gets about 20 million unique users in a month. Anyway, interesting how the internet is really changing th

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Project Legals – One development system for all browser platforms


The thing I like Java over other languages it’s cross-platform abilities,

it seems like Project “Legals” is something of similar nature except geared toward browsers…

OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for creating zero-install web applications with the user interface capabilities of desktop client software.

OpenLaszlo programs are written in XML and JavaScript and transparently compiled to Flash and soon DHTML.

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what is RSS?

Yes, if you were wondering what RSS was on blog websites…

It’s basically a way you can read the blog or any other web info via a desktop client.

For example, if you use Firefox, you can add RSS feeds on your browser, so you can skim your blog sites’ titles instead of looking at the whole article…

Zedomax RSS:

via wikipedia

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