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Add Zedomax Search Engine to your Firefox Seach Bar!

Well, it’s been a crazy couple days of coding (I am sorry for my regular readers but I have some more awesome posts coming soon).

Anyways, you can now add Zedomax Blog Search Engine to your Firefox, simply by clicking the below button.

Enjoy and we are working on implementing more new Web3.0ish strategies to improve our search results.

Click Here to Install Zedomax Search Engine on your Firefox

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YouTube Hack – How to Control YouTube Video Speed!

Wow, I have been looking for something like this a long time, a YouTube speed controller that lets you slow down or speed up the YouTube videos.

I find this utility awesome for analyzing golf swings in slow motion or simply skipping to a certain section of the video a lot faster.

It’s a free plugin that will work on most browsers including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You can download it HERE and try it yourself.

With MySpeed you can:

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Fun Memorial Weekend Commenting!

Okay, here’s something fun for the memorial weekend.  Goto your browser and type a character such as “A” or “B” or any other ASCII characters.

(Did you know that most characters default to Google search while “e” defaults to EOnline.com?)

If you find any other cool websites that come on on the new Firefox 3 (yes, you should be using this browser), leave a comment.

Happy Memorial Weekend, we will be back on Tu

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Firefox Hack – RAMBack helps free Firefox Cache/Memory!

Here’s RAMBack, a Firefox add-on that lets you free Firefox cache/memory.  This might help you if you run Firefox under really crappy hardware or a netbook.

RAMBack will cause Firefox to issue an internal notification to free up memory that is otherwise held for performance purposes. Additional items will be hooked into this notification in the future.

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Firefox 3 Hack – How to Consolidate your Menu Buttons!

Here’s a cool hack on how to consolidate your menu buttons in Firefox 3.  It’s pretty easy to do but in case you don’t know how…

Just by moving a few small things around you can have all Firefox’s menu and location bar features, but without them taking up all the real estate.

via lifehacker

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DIY – How to Make a Book using Google Docs!

I’ve been thinking of writing several books lately and I came by this great guide on making a book using Google Docs over at Hackszine.

Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O’Reilly using Google Docs. I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it’s helpful for you too for certain needs.

The base document we’re working on is the outline. It

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Firefox 3 Hack – How to Disable Blinking Text in Firefox!

Here’s a cool hack for disabling the blink settings on your Firefox 3.

o extension or user script required: just type about:config in Firefox’s address bar, press the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button, and then in the Filter field, enter browser.blink_allowed. Change the value for that key from true to false, and you’re good to go, no more blinking, ever again.

via lifehacker

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DIY iPhone HACK – How to get Free Online Magazines!

Well, here’s another cool hack that lets you get free online magazines using the same hack to get free wifi at Starbucks.

You have an iPhone, or the handy User Agent Switcher for Firefox, there are a couple of sites that offer free digital versions of several popular magazines. I guess the idea is to try and capture email addresses, but you can cancel through the input boxes and get straight to the content fairly easily.

If you are using Firefox, you can

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18.41% of World Internet Users use Firefox!

Wow, Firefox has been steadily growing real fast… I remember about 2-3 years ago when Firefox use was at only about 5%.

Go Firefox! Kill IE for good.

The only thing with Internet Explorer is that a lot of foreign countries such as Korea, have adopted to use IE exclusively for internet banking, which you can not use Firefox for.

Still, more than 90% of population in Korea and other parts of the world use IE. Darn…

Net Applications, purveyors of web metrics data, published some interesting asides about Mozil

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DIY Wifi HACK – How to Get Free Wifi from Starbucks and AT&T Hotspots!


Here’s a cool little hack that let’s you get free wifi from Starbucks or AT&T Hotspots!

Basically, you change the “User-Agent” to iPhone User Agent, which is the header part of HTTP transmission.

Then you put in the phone number of any of your friends’ iPhone. I personally know about 3 people in my cellphone address book, so this should be piece of cake.

For Firefox, you can download User Agent Switcher Plugin to change the User Agent.

Definitely, this is the easiest hack I̵

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