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Why I Switched to Google Chrome from Firefox!

Until couple weeks back, I have been using Google Chrome browser as my secondary browser for loading Google-based services. I didn’t really use it fully but decided to make the “full switch” by using Google Chrome for most of my online services. (which proved to be a good choice because now I can get my blogging work done much faster as Chrome is about 2-5 times faster than Firefox)

I still use Firefox but it’s become my secondary browser, I use it for stuff I have multiple logins.

Should you switch to Google Chrome?

I think you should, it&#

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Mozilla Firefox Quickly Gaining the Browser Market and Doing Well in Recession!

Mozilla, the company behind my favorite web browser Firefox, is quickly gaining in the browser market (especially here in the U.S.) and reportedly, doing very well in recession:

Mozilla has published its audited financial statements from 2008, reporting $78.6 million in revenue for the fiscal year—a five percent increase from 2007. Aside from a weakened investment portfolio, the browser maker has not been hit hard by the economic recession.

I don’t think Mo

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Firefox Hack – How To Stop Automatic Plugin/Firefox Installations In Firefox!

I have recently noticed that some plugins in my Firefox keeps updating by itself and it’s annoying because I didn’t allow this to happen as a user.

To easily fix these updates from automatically updating you (or bugging you), go to Tools->Options->Update then unclick all the boxes so your Firefox browser never wastes any bandwidth to check for updates.

I think updates are great but I don’t want my Firefox to keep checking for them every time I start my browser, it also takes a lot more time to load your browser when you are checking for updates.  And y

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Firefox Hack – How to Run Faster Firefox!

Most people who have used Firefox for the last couple years probably know this hack but let me do a step-by-step instructions on this for the simplest and best way to make your Firefox browser run faster.

Faster Firefox!

First, go to your Firefox URL address bar and type, “about:config”.

You will see a warning sign but just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

Next, enter “network” in the Filter input like this: (Then you should be able to scroll down to network.http.pipelining.

By default

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Firefox DIY – How to Shutdown Your Computer Automatically After Downloads are Finished!

For those of you looking for a solution to download all your files off the web and shut down your computer automatically when they are finished, you are in luck as there’s Firefox Autoshutdown plug-in that works on all types of computers including Windows, Mac, and linux.  (Of course, linux, you could probably script something instead or just leave it on as linux is a lot more secure than everything else out there.)

For detailed instructions on how to use this plug-in,

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Firefox Hack – How to Recover Firefox Master Password!

For some reason you lost your master password to Firefox?  Do not worry as there’s a new tool called Firemaster that will recover your Firefox master password through brute-force hacks.  Really, though, you can also simply erase all your personal preferences by “uninstalling” your Firefox and re-installing it.

Firemaster really is for those who need to hack another’s computer…

Once you have lost master password, there is no way to recover it as it is not stored at all. Whenever user enters

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GMail Hack – How to BackUp Your GMail!

All things man-made will break, even Google’s own GMail.   Now, you don’t need to fuss about it if you had all your GMail data backed up.

Here’s a bunch of great resources on how to back up your GMail so the next time GMail goes down, you will still have access to your e-mail:

    If you use MS Outlook and pop your mail from GMail, you are already all good since you have downloaded all your e-mail. (unless you deleted it)  I use MS Outlook every once in awhile just to po

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Netbook Hack – How to Make your Favorite Apps Run Faster on a Netbook with Win XP!

Here’s a simple hack that will let your favorite apps run faster on your netbook with Windows XP.  (I think it also works with Vista too or your desktop but mainly, it would make a difference in a netbook since netbooks don’t have powerful CPUs)

My firefox has been slowing down on my netbook but you can make it run faster on your netbook simply by going to Windows Task Manager->right click on the app you want to speed up such as Firefox->then set it to higher than “normal”.

This simple hack would be pivotal for efficient netbook computing so try

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Firefox Hack – How to Save Time with Firefox Shortcuts!

Well, I have been using Firefox for couple years now and even me, I do tend to forget some of the Firefox shortcuts.

By learning the Firefox shortcuts, it can dramatically improve your work/play productivity time so you can do other things like go play golf or ride a motorcycle.

Anyways, here’s a reminder that there are Firefox shortcuts and you should use them:

If you have enabled Emacs-style text editing shortcuts in GNOME, they will also work in Firefox. When an Emacs text editing shortcut con

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Firefox Hack – How to Hack the Firefox Default Theme!

As a developer of a Firefox Toolbar, I know that Firefox can be hacked easily as it uses a lot of JAR files that are actually pretty much ZIP files you can unzip.

Anyways, the guys over at TechRadar go into depth of how to hack the Firefox theme to your liking so check it out:

Themes are supplied as ‘.jar’ files, which are really renamed zip files. You’ll find several directories inside: Browser, Communicator, Global, Help and Mozapps. There may also be a directory called Aero that duplicates some of these; effectively it&#

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