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Firefox DIY – How to Auto Hide the Status Bar!

Did you know you can download the autoHideStatusbar Firefox experimental extension to auto hide the annoying status bar once its done loading a website?

Well, now you do!

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Firefox DIY – How to Change Tabs Quicker with Keyboard Shortcuts!

For those of you who want to change tabs quicker in Firefox, here’s a quick round-up of commands you can use for that:

Ctrl+Tab – This will immediately switch to the next tab

Ctrl+Number – Every tab is “virtually” numbered from left to right so if you press Ctrl+1, that will switch you to the very first tab, Ctrl+2 will switch you to the second tab and so on.

For Macs, just use Command button instead of Ctrl.

Also, you can close a tab anytime using Ctrl+W, I use this frequently.

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