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Recommended Fire-power

Paintball Shotgun!

Here’s a fun way to shoot at your friends with the Paintball Shotgun.  Of course, this thing isn’t relaly all that powerful than a paintball gun but it looks cool.

We want you to proceed with great caution when handling this equipment: it unleashes fire-power of indescribable proportions and is, by far, the most powerful of all the patriot paintball products. It is all because of the Paintball Shotgun’s capacity to hold 20 paintballs and fire them at a range of over 60 feet. We will now demonstrate: load your bio-degradable paint

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DIY – How to make your own Air powered BB Machine Gun!

I remember the days when I would buy a BB-Gun kit and build myself lots of guns and shoot them at my friends. (Well they were plastic BBs…)

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own BB machine gun powered by 40 PSI air. That’s a lot of fire power if you ask me. This machine gun is probably more dangerous than real guns at the speed which it can fire the BBs. (I wonder if you can use pellets…)

This item is unusual to be featured at Burnt Latke as it is pneumatic ̵

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