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Face DIY – How to Do Acupressure Natural Facelift!

I am one of those people who’s highly opposed to facial plastic surgery, especially if there’s nothing really wrong with you other than you have extra money to throw away so you can be more fake.

Anyways, I did research a bit and found out that there’s ways to improve your face with natural facelift, which composes of acupressure, a way of pressure applied your face on your acupuncture points.

The exercises use the balls of the fingertips and also t

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Laptop Lift Stickers!

One of the main reasons why your laptop dies after a year of use is usually related with your CPU fan and heat.

Laptop manufacturers have been making laptops with fans on the bottom and if you place it on a flat surface, that can be a big source of heat problems.

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there but I see a simpler solution with these Laptop Lift Stickers that will raise your laptop slightly off those flat surfaces, allowing

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DIY – How to Make an Electric Go-Kart! (or is it Go-cart!)

I will probably never figure out the original name for Go-Karts but here’s a really cool DIY electric go-kart someone has made and you might want to refer it if you want to make your own in the near future.

This year, the Summer Engineering Workshop team was interested in making an electric go-kart. (Some kind of obsession with things you can ride…) But to make things more interesting, we decided to add a 110F ultracapacitor into the mix. Capacitors store electrical potential energy

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Drivemocion brings you the Middle Finger at your fingertips!

Although I hate to do it, I must admit I do flip off many drivers as some drivers in San Francisco just need to be flipped off.  (Hey, you can’t help it if you live in a metropolitan area.  It’s not my fault that the person driving in front of me almost killed me and drove me off the road by cutting me off!)

Now this Drivemocion can let you do that without even sticking your fingers outside.

The good part is that you can also do other emotions such a

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