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Glass Keyboard Looks Uncomfortable

Though a concept, the glass keyboard would be very uncomfortable and hand-straining device we really don’t need.

Glassss surface inputting is the new hotness for almost every gadget maker today. From from the iPhone to Microsoft’s Surface technology, flat is where it’s at. Introducing the flattest full size QWERTY keyboard to date, “No-key Keyboard” by Kong Fanwen. Consisting of just a glass surface, camera and lighting, this alternative keyboard concept will use the latest motion capture technology to watch your fingers nervously sel

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Wedding DIY – How to Make a Paper Flower!

One of my best friends has an exceptional ability to make paper flowers with napkins.  Well, I have a video and will upload it later this week but in the meanwhile, here’s another cool DIY that shows you how to make a paper flower.  This one is a little more complicated but could be great for weddings for sheezy.

I am hooked again and my experimental nature has taken over as my fingers itch to test out various supplies, techniques, embellishments, and uses for paper flowers, minus th

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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Thermal Water Heater!

If you can either find or have an old fridge, you can easily use the back of the fridge to re-make a solar thermal water heater that can easily burn your hands.

This method doesn’t use any actual solar panels but uses a reflective surface and the heater bars of the old fridge to heat the water, pretty incredibly simple yet very effective.

A word of warning, this panel works VERY WELL. We tested it on a very sunny day and within seconds the water coming out of the panel was hot enough TO SCALD. I

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Camera Hack – How to Stick Any Digital Camera to Any Surface as a Tripod!

I’ve always been searching for new digital camera tri-pods and glad to say I have finally found one (thanks to editors at CNet), it’s called a Universal Pod, a tripod that will practically attach to anything, including a tree.

This is much better than the Gorillapad tripod I saw couple years back.

Universal Pod sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! Its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks

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Boat Made From 90% Recycled Material Traveling from San Francisco to Sydney!

It seems that more and more people are on new journies to discover what recycled plastic bottles can do.  Well, David de Rothschild is another such guy, who is building his boat in San Francisco pier.

He will be traveling from San Francisco to Sydney, an 11,000 mile journey, let’s cross our fingers he stays afloat.  I will try to be there when he takes off to take some footage and farewell.  (maybe I can give him a Zedomax.com sticker…)

The plastic sailboat i

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Kitchen Hot Pot Glove that Looks like A HREF Hover!

As a person who constantly cooks food out of his tiny kitchen, I cannot say how many time hot pot gloves have saved my fingers when dealing with hot pots.

Every couple months or so, I usually end up with a nice hello kitty hot pot gloves my girlfriend buys me from the dollar store but I think this Clicking Kitchen Grip might actually let me look more “geeky” in the kitchen instead of a boyfriend who has a girlfriend that loves Hello Kitty stuff.

The product isn&

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Baby DIY – How to turn a Whole Banana into a No-mess Baby Meal!

For those of you who have babies and toddlers, here’s a great, simple way to turn a whole banana into a no-mess baby meal when you have a banana with you but no baby utencils.

It’s amazingly simple to do yet this isn’t something written in Baby HOWTO books:

Throw a whole banana into your diaper bag before heading out the door. When it’s time to eat, mash up the banana before peeling it – just squishing it a bit with your fingers does the trick. Then, peel open a small hole at the end (not the end with the longer

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Finger Hack – A Young Man Implants RFID to use as wireless key for his Guns!


We all know that one day the U.S. government will try to implant RFID chips in every U.S. citizen with social security, passport numbers, and all types of personal information.  While that’s still being worked on by evil NSA agents, you can take a look at this video of a young man who implanted an RFID chip into his fingers so he can use it as a wireless key for his gun safebox.

A great idea, I have many friends who still have BBs in their hands, left inside from accidently shooting themselves in the finger.  Compare to that,

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Ab Solo – Tried it and it’s decent!


I’ve seen this Ab Solo machine at my local gym about 9 months ago and sadly, it’s a good machine but I find it an ineffective, expensive ab machine.

Of course, it’d be good for gyms, but I would have second thoughts about having one in my house, it’s too bulky, expensive, and the balls are kinda dangerous. I actually have experience breaking one of my fingers doing these exercise, I highly recommend you stay away from this type of exercise, there’s so many other safer

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Pogo Stylus – iPhone/iPod Touch Stylus!

For those of you who have hard time navigating the iPhone/iPod Touch using your fingers and leaving nasty fingerprints that you have to clean constantly, there’s a Stylus solution called the Pogo Stylus.

With the Pogo Stylus, you will be able to use the iPhone/iPod Touch just like any other PDAs.  The only downfall is that once you start typing with the stylus, it will take you 2-3 times longer to type the same thing…  Kinda pointless gadget but can be useful if you have clumsy, big hands.


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