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TV DIY – How to Setup an IPTV using VideoLAN!

Well, folks, it seems that it’s very possible for DIYers to make an IPTV system using VideoLAN.

Here’s some insights into it if you are interested:

VideoLAN is a project that was started by students at the École Centrale Paris in France. The software was first released under the open source GNU General Public License and is now continuously being developed by contributors worldwide. It originally consisted of two programs – the VideoLAN Client (VLC) and VideoLAN Server (VLS). They were la

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Digital Photo Frame Hack – How to Pick the Right File Format!

Although this might come as common sense, some people might not realize that big file formats are actually bad for displaying on your digital photo frames.

Andrew, one of our blog search engin network bloggers, has a detailed explanation of which file formats are best for your digital photo frame:

If you do use an SLR, make sure to check out the file size of the photos, as SLRs often shoot rather large multiple-MB files that will take up most of you digital memory card if you don’t resize them. This can be

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iPod Hack – How to breath new life into your iPod using Rockbox!

If you have bought older generation of iPods, you are in luck as Rockbox 3.0 firmware was just released to the public.

What does it do?  Basically it allows you to free yourself from iTunes and do a lot more with old equipment.

Since Apple has stopped developing the firmware for the older iPods (yes, they keep making new ones to make more money, how greedy!), this Rockbox provides users with alternative way to upgrade their old iPods.

I personally have the 40GB model of the iPod shown in the pic, I should be doing a short DIY write-u

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