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MP3 Hack – How to Make an MP3 Decoder!

Here’s a fun MP3 hack that shows you how to make an MP3 decoder so you can apply some MP3 files to your next project.

Even though MP3 is probably the single most well known file format and codec on Earth, it’s not very well understood by most programmers – for many encoders/decoders is in the class of software “other people” write, like standard libraries or operating system kernels. This article will attempt to demystify the decoder, with short top-down primers on

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Digital Photo Frame Hack – How to Pick the Right File Format!

Although this might come as common sense, some people might not realize that big file formats are actually bad for displaying on your digital photo frames.

Andrew, one of our blog search engin network bloggers, has a detailed explanation of which file formats are best for your digital photo frame:

If you do use an SLR, make sure to check out the file size of the photos, as SLRs often shoot rather large multiple-MB files that will take up most of you digital memory card if you don’t resize them. This can be

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MT9 – A new Audio File Format that may take MP3s to another level!

MP9 is a new type of audio file format that allows the user to control each musical instrument.

For example, let’s say you are listening to some rap but you wanted to voice your own vocals, turn off the vocals and wala.

Another example is if you were a guitarholic and you wanted to listen to only guitar, you can turn off the bass, vocal, and everything else to focus on the guitar sounds only.

This is a great idea by the way. Currently, you could do something slightly similar by filtering the frequencies of the music file but it

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