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SEE What is Inside the FBI GPS Tracking Device!

It’s probably fair to assume that FBI hires the best hackers of the world, and also fair to assume that they probably hire a lot of hackers (who’ve been caught) in return for freedom instead of jail.

Anyways, it’s easy to say that FBI does have these highly sophisticated equipment but have you actually seen one in real life?

If not that’s okay too because the photos posted here and at iFixIt show you exactly that, the inside working of a real FBI GPS tr

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Food Hack – How to Make FBI (Fried Banana Ice Cream)!

One of my favorite deserts is FBI (Fried Banana Ice Cream) at Thai restaurants.  I guess all Thai people call it “FBI”, like the other FBI.  Cool…

Anyways, I don’t know how to make it myself but here’s a site that shows you how to make it.

Also, there’s a new instructable on how to make regular fried ice cream too.

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Note to Spammers and Hackers

Dear Spammer and Hacker who’s trying to spam this site,

STOP! Your IP addresses are being reported to FBI for interuption/spamming act.

LAMO, and stop trying to leave nasty comments, that will only get you IP-banned, this is my site, not yours.

Take your nasty comments elsewhere, spammers and hackers (without class) are not for Zedomax.com.

If you are going to leave a nasty comment, you will receive a nasty comment back.

For everyone else, sorry if the site has been down, there’s been a lot of DoS attacks we have been receiving but fighting ve

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How To Hack Security Cameras Using Google

Have some fun checking out what other people are doing, using their own networked security cameras to spy on them. Careful, if the FBI comes knocking on your door, we don’t know you.

This video tutorial shows you how to hack with Google, using security issues with Google that can allow you to hack other people’s sites. The only intention of this how-to video is to point out secu

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FBI building being Attacked by UFO!


Hahaha, FBI finally attacked by UFO!

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