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Palin spends $150,000 on Fashion for Herself and Her Family!

Well, although I do believe you have to look your best, I don’t think spending $150,000 on fashion for a political campaign is right.  (unless of course, you are paying that with your own money)

Palin has been spending some outrageous $150,000 USD on fashion for herself and her family.  I do strongly believe candidate’s spending habits will also reflect on how they spend the national budget.

As such, I just don’t think Palin is capable of pulling this job of running America.   I am not being biased here, only stating the

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DIY Natural Bath and Beauty – Eco-Me Kit!

Well, I am not really into bath and beauty but here’s some really nice DIY natural bath and beauty kits called Eco-Me that can help you with your bathing/fashion.  If you want to save earth and get the eco-version of bath products, this might be it.

I recently tried out the body kit and made my own sugar scrub, body oil, body spray and powder. I loved the idea of the product – all the instructions and containers I would need along with some essential oil to make i

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Fashion DIY – How to Make Earrings!

Here’s an idea for the weekend, make some earring from several parts you can get at your local craft store.

A few pairs of earrings [the silver ribbon pair and one of the hoops is for my sister, the rest are mine] i bought the beading kit for Alyssa whom i am doing a swap with [soon!]

via bittenbefore

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Fashion DIY Hack – How to wear a Scarf!

Well, it isn’t often that we feature any DIYs related with fashion but here’s our very first featured fashion hack, how to wear scarves the right way.

via whowhatwear

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DIY Multi-Touch Kit for Do It Yourselfers!

For Do-It-Yourselfers, making your onw multi-touch input device has never been easier with the DIY Multi-Touch Kit.

TouchKit is a modular multitouch development kit with the aim to make multitouch readily available in an open source fashion. It is a sister project of the CUBIT multitouch system and aime

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Wearable Power Cord for Fashion!

Now there’s a safe way to wear a power cord on your body while lookin’ good and not electrocuted.

This is a fun, cream-colored knitted power cord! It can be worn as a decorative skinny scarf, or even a decorative belt. Use it to pull back your curtains or replace that boring old tie. Whatever you choose to do, let your imagination lead the way!

via etsy

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Microsoft Half-Moon Arc Mouse!

Looks like my favorite mouse company has come out with a half-moon mouse, at least that’s what we are going to call it.

Featuring a revolutionary new design shaped like a crescent moon, Arc folds closed to reduce in size by almost half, giving consumers the comfort of a full-sized mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse. Arc is all about the fashion edge, with a stylish micro transceiver that you can leave right in your computer and it’s available in two colors – red or black. It’s the perfect

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HACK Project – 3D LED Hourglass!



I’d probably stick with a traditional hourglass or my nike watch but this LED project is cool.

The LEDs are arranged in a circular conical fashion, to mimic the glass parts of a traditional hourglass, giving a 3-Dimensional appearance to the electronic hourglass. The system is equipped with a Z-axis accelerometer that detec

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Shopping on your cell phone

Woman can now shop & buy clothes, furniture, cd & dvds, wheater forecasts, etc. from their cell phones. I think it’s exculsive to the asian market right now. 

Might not wanna tell your girlfriends about this app ;P

a little about the business

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