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Prank DIY – How to Make People Fart at an Important Meeting!

This is for those of you who want to prank your friend during an important meeting, a Fartmaster fart noise maker.  This can come in handy when you want to talk back at your friends but perhaps some fart noise would do better.

I think often times, there’s need to relieve the stress of our everyday lives and pranks certainly are good for that.

Don’t forget the

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German group patents ‘Smell-Phone’!

Lol… it looks like we will have some great new phones that smell based on how you are feeling?

Well, it could be used for pranks…  Perhaps, you can send a SMS text message, whether that be love or fart, so the user can “smell” the message too.

A German syndicate announced this week that it has patented a chip for sending scents via text and multimedia messages…In announcing its patent, the German syndicate said that Japanese company NTT Communications’ external scent atomizer for mobile phones has shown that “scent technology is incre

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Farting Santa that can be remote controlled!

Nice gizmo for your holiday gift!

via ohgizmo

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