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Garden DIY – How to Make a Green Water Pump!


Check out this awesome DIY that shows you how to make a green water pump that can pressurize water upto 28psi without use of any electricity or gas, just water.  I can see this thing saving local farmers a LOT of money, great DIY!

The one I built has a few novelties that make it more reliable, cheaper and easier to operate than most of the plans you find on the Internet. It developed a steady 28psi pressure at the pump and delivered about 1,000 gallons per day where we wanted it.


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DIY Tractors in Poland!

I have to admit during my stay in South Korea, I probably saw more DIY tractors/moving creations than I have ever did in my life but here’s a bunch of DIY tractors from Poland.

I have seen this one too before, a motorcycle hooked up to a tractor, it’s a good, cheap way to farm.

Since 2005 Łukasz Skąpski has been traveling all over Poland to document the story of the tractors hand-constructed by farmers. He also made a video where farmers talk fondly about their machines, how it goes faster than it is allowed, how they can drive

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Food Hack – How to Make Seaweed!

Seaweed has always been a big food group in my life, due to the fact that Koreans love seaweed and its everywhere in the ocean in Korea.

Now, seaweed does have lots of nutritional goodies like vitamins and they are like the ultimate vegetable from the sea, something the land can’t offer with its mass-produced crap.  (unless it’s organic and local, well, still…)

My mom grew up in a small island in South Korea, where her family were the richest sea farmers on that island. (

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Electricity from Cow Poop!

Wow, Brothers Kevin and Daryl Maas of Washington State are working on producing electricity from cow poop!

How cool is that?

I think the world is changing and it’s a great thing when you can produce electricity from some excess animal waste.

We use a proven, commercialized technology called a manure digester to harvest methane gas from manure. We burn the methane to create electricity, while sending the processed manure back to the farmers as an organic fertilizer now free of pathogens and odor.

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Crop cam GPS enabled plane for your farm


Here’s an emerging technology that will help farmers become more efficient using the latests GPS gizmos.

The CropCam is a self-guided GPS plane for keeping up with your crops. The farmer tosses it into the air, and the CropCam will fly around in a preset pattern around his fields, snapping precise stills marked with latitude and longitude of the ground below. The six pound plane can cover 160 acres per launch, which is enough for many a farmer, and is a quick option to assess distributions of disease and a convenien

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