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For circuit enthusiasts out there, you might be surprised to learn that there’s this awesome DIY RGB LED Strip.  This reminds me of my Christmas Wreath project, I could easily implement this instead without the fan.

Non-addressable RGB strip (meaning you can turn the whole strip a particular color but not any individual LED) is becoming easier to find in the market but a R

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Fantasy DIY – How to Rob a Diamond Vault!

Well, I am not saying you should rob anything including diamond vaults and banks but here’s an interesting write-up of how Leonardo Notarbartolo, who was convicted of robbing the Antwerp Diamond Center vault of $100 million worth of inventory, has explained how to rob a diamond vault.

Well, all security systems have flaws, this proves how vulnerable even the most secure vaults in the world are.

At first, Notarbartolo was confused. He s

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Vampire Killing Kits on eBay!

Here’s some fun eBay auctions, vampire killing kits that come complete with a big cross, holy water, garlic, and the final stake.  Of course, the chances are probably greater that you never see a vampire in your lifetime but if you do, you will be ready as hell.

For most the thought of a vampire flying in though the open window is a fantasy but at the same time there are those people who believe that these are with use and they are hungry. So

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