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This Week’s iPhone Accessories Round up!

For those of you who missed on some of the best iPhone Accessories covered at the iPhoneAcceessoriesBlog, run by our very own David Allen (who you worship of course!), let me highlight the best of the best iPhone Accessories this week:

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Microsoft’s New Ads Imply Macs are Too Expensive!


Lol, Microsoft is implying that Apple Macs are too expensive on their new ads, as seen in this vid. It’s true though, I “still” have bought 1 Mac in my whole entire life, that was for one of the graphic designers I hired, not for me. Of course, I will always need the extra features that PC give me, (ironic huh saying this and coming from a person who doesn’t like Windows) there’s so much more you can do on a PC.

Of course, I will never be satisfied with Windows, the operating system, but yes, PCs will

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