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HTC Revolver FAKE?

One of our readers have confirmed with insiders at AT&T that HTC Revolver is fake, they have no plans to carry such phones.   Seeing that it’s going to launch with Android Honeycomb (which is intended for Android tablets, not smartphones), there’s more likely that HTC Revolver is some kind of bad rumor someone started spreading around.

I am not pointing fingers anyone but just sayin’, don’t keep your hopes up.

Thanks Andrew for the tip!

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Photoshop DIY – How to Fake Depth of Field using Photoshop!

For those of you lucky enough to own a DSLR camera, you probably are amazed at your photos with great focus and depth of field.  But others who are using regular point-and-shoot cameras, you can also “fake” depth-of-field manually by photoshopping it.

I won’t get into the details but WonderHowTo has a great tutorial on how to do this in 2 different ways.  (See here)

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Applet Tablet Video [FAKE]

This video of the new Apple Tablet is obviously fake but still, it keeps us wondering if the real Apple Tablet will be just as good.


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