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Dirt-Powered Alarm Clock!

We did see the dirt-powered soil lamp earlier, here’s another dirt-powered device, it’s an alarm clock that can be powered via dirt and you can even grow some nice fairway grass in it.

This the called the timeless garden and it runs mud or rather the chemical reaction between the mud and the metal casing inside the clock, how good is that it just doesn’t get any better than that for alarm clocks anyway. The actual body is made from two recycled plastic bottles.

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Camouflage Golf Balls Makes Golf Easier!

If you though golf was easier, you can make it even easier for you to find your ball with Camouflage Golf Balls.  Challenge yourself to the next level by using these hard-to-find golf balls. Damn it, I really hope Greg Norman wins tomorrow to change golf history for good.

As if golf is not frustrating enough, just try and find one these balls on the fairway, or even harder is finding one in the rough! The next time you’re on the course, pass your golf buddy one of these balls, and check out his expression.

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Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses and Greg Norman Leading the Open!

Well, the big news today is that Greg Norman, former #1 player in the world, is leading the British Open by 2 shots after 3 rounds. (Yey, go Greg!)

Now, if you get to play golf in such 40mph wind and tall grass such as the Open, you might want to consider getting these Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses w

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E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

Man, if I had enough money, I’d get a big fat house with a big fat ceiling office where I can blog and play golf right in my office during break.

E-Ball brings you this cool Golf Simulator to the market.  Basically it’s the similar to the commercial ones you see at the arcade.

Will someone get me one please?

E Ball’s golf simulator offers the most realistic golf experience on the market today.

Players see a huge vi

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