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Auto 101 – How to Change Your Car’s Timer Belt and Water Pump!

Timing belt failure can be one of the worst things that can happen to your car.  Usually, they will wear out within 3-5 years, depending on the conditions and whether of your local environment.

Also, timing belt replacement can be pretty costly, last time mine cost around $2000, mostly because they might have to dig into your car a bit.

For those of you who have some good knowledge of auto repair, you might want to learn to change your car’s timer (and water pump).

And to those newbies who don’t know nothing about cars, I would say to stay far away

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USB Flash Drive with OLED Display!

More cool stuff coming…

The world’’s first USB flash Drive with OLED display gets introduced by ennova Direct Corp. It will come with a retractable USB connector and an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner on the OLED display itself, changing color upon the success or failure of each finger swipe. Apart from that, the OLED display also doubles up as an interactive interface that enables users to choose from specific files and initiate specific functions without having to go through the computer’s interface. This Gizmo is what I cal

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Server DIY – How To Set Up A Load Balanced High-Availability Apache Cluster!

Well, here’s another way to setup a load balanced, high-availability apache cluster, this will be very informative if you are a webmaster working on high-trafficking sites.

This tutorial shows how to set up a two-node Apache web server cluster that provides high-availability. In front of the Apache cluster we create a load balancer that splits up incoming requests between the two Apache nodes. Because we do not want the load balancer to become another “Single Point Of Failure”, we must provide high-availability for the load balancer, too. Therefore our load balancer

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DIY and HOWTOs from Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog

Here’s a re-cap of some of the internet marketing stuff I posted on the Guerilla Internet Marketing Blog:

Learn how to survive the recession if you are a blogger.  Money on the internet can be found everywhere, including the latest Obama Inauguration.

Are you still censoring your own blog?  Don’t and

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Circuit City Liquidation!

The long time consumer electronics goliath Circuit City is finally going through liquidation.  It seems odd that such a big retailer could go down.  Perhaps it’s due to their lack of computers/laptops, which I’d never though of buying at Circuit City anyways.

I think their failure can be summed to their branding and associations with TVs and stereo more than computers and laptops.  Well, I am no retail expert but it’s sad to them go.

Now that details are starting to flow in, we’re told that it will liquidate 567 of

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