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Facebook Hack – How to Make Ring of Circles Appear when You Right Click!

Here’s an interesting Facebook hack that will allow you to see ring of circles when you right click.  Well, it’s sorta of fun hack, maybe the Facebook developers added some “secret” hacks to their interface:

– press up button twice on ur keyboard

– press down button twice

-press left button

-press right button

-press left again

-press right again

-press “b” now

– and now press “b”

-hit Enter

– hit right click of your mouse..

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Eee PC Hack – How to install Ubuntu Eee for ASUS Eee PCs!

In case you have bought an ASUS Eee PC with Windows, there’s a special version of Ubuntu, customized just for the Eee PC models.

This allows you to install the Ubuntu on Eee PCs without too much headache as it has already been configured for the factory hardware.

Ubuntu Eee is not only Ubuntu optimized for the Asus Eee PC. It’s an operating system, using the Netbook Remix interface, which favors the best software available instead of open source altern

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Another Miserable Failure – McCain is a Computer Illiterate!

Well it comes to us no surprise that one of the Presidential nominees McCain does not know how to use a computer. (For god sakes h

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LinkedIn vs. Facebook, which one do you use more?

I was browsin’ over at ReadWriteWeb today and they had an interesting article on LinkedIn versus Facebook, of which one is better for business.

Well, in my opinion, it’d definitely be LinkIn as I haven’t seen anyone have their Facebook account on their business card but I have seen numerous LinkIn profiles.

To be honest, I use neither right now as they are simply more services to keep track of.  (Well I should at least be linked in…)

The more you use these

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