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Stewart F1 Electric Pull-Cart for your next Golfing Decade!

I am probably not old enough to qualify to use an electric pull-cart and too stubborn to stop carrying my golf bag but if you are old enough and you do not like carrying your clubs, here’s the Stewart F1 Electric Pull-cart that will get you around 36 holes of golf in high-flying style.

When folded, the F1 Lithium occupies just one third of the floor space of the X3R and 40% less overall volume. In trademark Stewart Golf style; elegance and practicality have been combined wi

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Stretch Ferrari Limousine Made!


Check out these guys making a stretch Ferrari Limousine by cutting up a Ferrari 360 Modena. Yikes, I probably be happy with a non-stretched one…

The motorsport press thought it was a big deal when Ferrari made their F1 car longer than last season’s by a couple of inches. Well, some nutjobs in a chop-shop somewhere have taken things a step further by hacking a perfectly good Ferrari in two and adding a few seats, turning out a gran turismo even longer than the 612 Scagliett

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